Wedding photography checklist

Preparation to picture a wedding? Ensure you have everything prepared by following our wedding photography list.

1. Preparing Some photographers go to the bride’s house or hotel to photo them preparing yourself for the wedding day.

2. The Bride Arriving The bride-to-be reaching the church/venue, or standing nervously at the entrance, conveys the sense of anticipation of the occasion.

Details Get close-ups of the rings and the bride-to-be’s bouquet. A lot of thought goes into every detail of many weddings.

4. The Ceromony If shots throughout the event are permitted, get a shot of the couple revealing the location– from above if possible. Be discreet and never utilize flash during the ceremony. The renowned moments (exchanging the rings, signing the register and so on) are must-haves, too.

5. Necessary Posed Shots Take some portraits of the couple after the event. The bride and bridesmaid(s), the groom and finest guy, the bride-to-be alone, group shots with each family, and the whole celebration.

6. At The Reception If you’re a visitor, and can remain for the reception, picture the cake cutting, and get a few shots of individuals dancing, talking and having fun in the future.


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