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By following our essential guide on how to photograph weddings, you will be able to take top-class wedding event photos whenever the couple make that demand, and with practice, ability and time, this can be a fantastic method to generate income taking photos by mastering wedding photography.
Guide to wedding photography, Photo: Michael Topham
Professional wedding event photographers can charge a little fortune for what on the surface appears to be just a couple of hours work.

However, they invest a lot more hours dealing with a wedding than a lot of novices can pay for to. A lot of preparation enters into wedding photography, and many hours afterwards editing images so that each photo is ideal.

A lot of professional photographers, at some point in their life, are asked to picture a wedding event, be it as the main photographer or merely to document the day’s events.

The task can appear a bit complicated at first, however even if you are not a professional photographer, there is no reason your images can’t be as excellent as a pro’s.

However, there are particular pitfalls and tricky locations that professionals have invested much of their careers finding out and preventing.

By following our guide to preventing the risks of wedding event photography, you will be able to take not simply good, but top-class wedding event pictures that will keep the groom and bride pleased. And if you’re still buying a good cam, have a look at our guide to the best cams for wedding photography.

Essential Guide to Wedding Photography– Planning

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The quickest method to turn a couple’s special day into an unmitigated disaster is to show up without a plan. Like it or not, if you wish to photograph a wedding you need to invest a great deal of time into preparing the day. Here are the main things to consider.

Wedding Event Photography Planning– The Agreement

Just saying yes to bringing your video camera along to a pal’s wedding is something, however if they are relying on you for the main photos it’s most likely best to prepare something a bit more official. This does not need to be a long legal arrangement; it can be a basic letter declaring that you agree to take the images.

Obviously, if you are wanting to do this professionally, you will want to prepare terms and conditions, a formal contract, etc.

Wedding Photography Planning– Money

Unless you are taking images for a family member or a buddy, there may be talk of payment involved for your time and photos.

If you’re uncertain just how much to request, consider the expenses you’ll likely incur– your travel and any accommodation to think about, plus your working time, not just on the day but for the preparation and, more important, the collating and modifying time after. You may want to take a look at what ‘the competition’ are charging as a starting point.

Likewise keep in mind that any money you make will need to be declared to the taxman and you might need to pay tax on this earning.

Wedding Photography Planning– Insurance

There are 2 parts to this: initially, camera insurance coverage is an excellent concept, as dropping, damaging or having devices stolen can show expensive– particularly if it’s right before your shoot; and second, if you’re working as a professional photographer you need to have some sort of public liability insurance.

Many people presume their camera will be covered on house insurance coverage but if you utilize it to make money, the possibilities are it isn’t. Take a look for the best cam insurance offers.

Wedding Event Photography Planning– Type of Shots and Style

Prior to you jump straight into the job in hand, you need to think about the appearance and style of the images both you and the couple want. Have a look at as lots of wedding event photography books and websites as possible to get a feel of the kind of shots you like and ones you feel are attainable.

Wedding Event Photography Planning– Locations

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Photo by Callum McInerney-Riley/Stewart Clinton

Do some research study into where you will be taking the photos and try to visit them to take a look around beforehand. This will offer you a chance to exercise the very best locations to take group or more intimate shots.

Trevor Yerbury on … Location Preparation

We asked Trevor Yerbury for a few pointers on having a look at the location for a wedding shoot. Here are his thoughts:

‘ Personally we never search any locations. Why? Well, first it will never ever be the very same on the day of the wedding event: the light will be different, backgrounds may have changed (scaffolding simply erected, etc) and we believe it contributes to the innovative spirit if you need to think on your feet and look for the places that will work for that groom and bride on that particular day and all that it brings.’

‘ One thing we do ask is: ‘Are there any surprises prepared for the day?’ It might appear obvious however brides can neglect to inform you what they have up their sleeves in the method of surprises, anything from showing up on horseback to a flight of doves or firework screens.’

‘ One way to ensure you have an image of everybody is to set up a little studio somewhere at the reception and do a portrait session of every visitor. This is only appropriate for smaller weddings as the numbers and logistics can become overwhelming.’

‘ In the past we have actually had bride-to-bes get here for their interview with a folder stuffed filled with the wedding event details consisting of a fully detailed itinerary of the day, sometimes down to five-minute timespan. We understand, as will any wedding event photographer who has covered a few weddings, that the probability of this schedule running to plan are so remote that it will never ever take place.’

Trevor and his spouse Faye have actually been a professional photography duo for many years now. See their website for more.

Wedding Photography Planning– Shot List

Even if you are given a vague quick to simply take images of everybody there, the couple will have at least some concept of specific images they want.

Guide to wedding photography 21

Deal with them to produce a shot list of the centerpieces they want images of, plus the formal shots. This will make life a lot easier on the day and will allow you to tick them off as you’ve done them.

Wedding Photography Planning– Weather

If your wedding is based in the UK it’s finest to prepare for bad weather. That way, anything else is a true blessing. Have a plan for alternative locations under cover, should it begin to rain, or bring some good umbrellas with you that will go with the shot.

If you plan to shoot inside, bring a studio light and stand to brighten things up.

Wedding Photography Planning– Back-up Plan

The chances are that if there is one day when your sd card damages or your shutter jams, it will be on the day of the wedding event. So, instead of leave anything to possibility, plan to take a 2nd cam body, and back up your files as you go, with a storage gadget.

The same chooses batteries– some DSLR batteries may just benefit 300 shots and you might be looking to take a minimum of double that, so bring an extra.

Wedding Event Photography Planning– Schedule

No matter how big or small the wedding, there will be some type of schedule kicking around for the day’s events. Attempt to get hold of this in advance so you can plan where you need to be and when. Things hardly ever stick to the schedule but at least you’ll have the ability to stay one step ahead, rather than rushing between events.

Wedding Event Photography Planning– Pre shoot

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Prior to the special day it is common to schedule a pre-wedding shoot, to get the couple utilized to the professional photographer, and to some poses together.

This can happen in a studio, outdoors or perhaps in the couple’s house and though it is primarily a getting to know each other session, can in some cases produce some great shots.

Wedding Event Photography Planning– Payment

You might not be the main wedding event photographer, the delighted couple might still offer you a little payment, or at least cover your expenditures. Lots of informal wedding professional photographers use to take the images as their gift to the couple.

Whatever you have actually decided, it is best to ensure that all the necessary plans are figured out with the couple in advance. This guarantees that everyone understands precisely what the deal is and prevents any unnecessary issues and confusion after the event.

Wedding Event Photography Planning– If the Worst Should Happen

To be clear– if you are the official professional photographer for a wedding event then you require to turn up, come hell, high water or the M25.

If, however, a genuine emergency suggests that you unconditionally can not make it, then it is still your responsibility to have actually arranged cover, i.e. another photographer who can picture the day at brief notice.

This is where a mutual plan with another wedding event professional photographer to cover each other’s jobs in event of a real catastrophe can be advantageous, though of course you will need to inform your partner of dates in a lot of time so they can ensure they are free.


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