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S curve in Photography- How to Compose Using this Rule?

There are numerous methods to compose a picture. When you’re taking pictures outside, you’ll have to observe the totally different parts round you and resolve on the proper photo composition method that may correctly justify your picture. The S curve images composition method is one such method that helps to compose stunning footage.

On this information, we are going to have a look at the S-curve images method intimately. You’ll discover ways to use it, the place to search out it, and tricks to improve your S-curve compositions. Allow us to get began.

What’s S-Curve in images?

‘S-curve in images is a picture composition method for photographers. In line with this rule, the S-curve in a scene helps draw the viewer’s consideration to the picture. It acts as a tenet connecting the viewer to the topic, thereby making the image significant. As well as, it helps to make the picture dynamic. Panorama photographers make use of this photograph composition technique in a lot of their frames.

The curve needn’t be exactly within the S- form. It can be a mirror picture of the letter “S.” It’s not necessary that the curve results in a topic. The curve can even act as a divider within the body, making the scene extra fascinating.

Why S-Curve is a Highly effective Photograph Composition Method?  

S-curve in photography

As a photographer, you need to use any photograph compositional guidelines to border your scene. So, allow us to see how the S-curve images method helps to create a robust composition.

The above picture is a wonderful instance of photograph composition utilizing this method. Right here, the rail observe and among the timber type the S-shape, and the practice within the rail is the primary topic. You can even see the homes on both aspect of the rail, surrounded by timber within the forest. Thus, the viewer’s consideration is shortly drawn to the picture. 

S-Curve Vs Main Strains 😎

leading lines photo composition

In relation to the leading lines images method, the traces that information the viewer to the picture might be straight. However, within the case of the S-curve, it’s the curve that leads the viewer into the image. It’s the major distinction. 

These composition strategies are actually highly effective if utilized in the proper manner for the suitable scenes.

S-Curve Vs Curves in Pictures 😇

S-curve vs curves in photography

You should use each S-curve in addition to curves to compose your picture. It’s straightforward to search out curves in a scene compared with S-curves. The C-curve is the generally used framing method on the subject of curves. 

If you don’t embrace the complete S in your body, then it would end in an image that follows composition utilizing curves. So, it’s as much as the photographer to resolve whether or not to go along with the curve or the s-curve when the scene has each shapes.

Learn how to Discover S Curve Compositions? 🏞 

In case you are a newbie in images, chances are you’ll discover it tough to note the S curves round you that you need to use for composing your pictures. I’ll share among the S curve patterns that you may simply discover whenever you do images subsequent time.

Street & Pathways

It’s fairly straightforward to search out an s-curve path on roads or pathways. The highway won’t ever be straight. It is going to have numerous curves in it. 

There might be many repeating s curves in an extended pathway or highway should you observe carefully. This repeating habits makes life straightforward for the photographer. You should use any of the S-curves to get your required shot. Many panorama photographers use this method of their pictures.


Rails are one other good place to attempt the s-curve images composition method. To make the image with the rail extra fascinating, attempt to seize the scene when there’s a practice on the rail observe. Please just remember to are taking pictures this from a secure place and never standing on the rails.

Lake/ Water Physique

In case you are outside photographing landscapes, search for lakes or different water our bodies with an S form construction. If it’s a sundown or dawn shot, attempt to get the solar on the finish of this s-shaped water physique. The water physique will act because the main curve to the solar, which is the primary topic of the scene.

Constructing Buildings

In case you are into structure images, you may be capable of discover fascinating s-curve in numerous buildings. It may be within the inside or exterior of the constructing. Generally, the association of pillars or blocks within the construction makes the s-curve sample.

Sand Dunes

In case your photoshoot location is a desert, you’ll find numerous sand dunes. Attempt to discover a good S-curve sample in these sand dunes. You’ll be able to ask your mannequin (topic) to face on the finish or beginning of the curve, and it’ll assist make your body stunning.

Branches in Tree

If you {photograph} a scene with branches of timber as one of many major parts, you possibly can attempt to see if there are any S-curves made by any of the tree branches. If any, attempt to use it. 

For instance, if there’s a chook perched on a department, you possibly can attempt to get the S-curve of the department because the main path to the chook (topic). It is going to make the body actually fascinating for the viewer.

6 Tricks to Seize Stunning S-curves 🚀

1. Use Drones

You might not be capable of see the complete S-curve in some locations due to the dearth of full visibility resulting from timber or buildings. However, taking pictures from a unique perspective could aid you see the curve correctly. 

A high view angle or the birds-eye view angle is one perspective that may aid you see the curve correctly. Right here, it’s worthwhile to use a drone for photography. Make it possible for drones are allowed in that space to keep away from pointless troubles. You can even get an analogous view whenever you shoot from a helicopter or should you stand in high of a mountain and level your digital camera down.

2. Flat lay images with an S-curve sample

flat lay photography with s-curve composition

When taking pictures flat lay pictures, you possibly can apply this composition rule. Within the case of flat lay images, the position of parts is below your management. So, you possibly can place your major component and the supporting props in an S sample to comply with this type.

3. Attempt to Place Necessary Components alongside the S-curve

One of many major errors made by novice photographers when utilizing this rule is that they may solely attempt to place their major topic both on the finish of the curve or the beginning of the curve. 

However you may make the picture extra highly effective by including parts alongside the S-curve. It’s worthwhile to be sure that the opposite parts within the curve present some relation with the topic. In any other case, will probably be meaningless.

4. Feminine Portraits

s curve in portrait photography
S-curve images shouldn’t be restricted to panorama or structure images alone. You should use it on different types of photography additionally. This composition method will be utilized to individuals images, particularly for vogue shoots of feminine fashions. You can also make the mannequin pose in an S sample. 

To get this posture, make the mannequin pose with the hip pushed again, standing with one leg behind, and leaning again. This manner, the mannequin might be in S-shape. It might probably make an awesome image should you complement it with an awesome outfit for the mannequin with an identical background. You can even go for a ponytail coiffure to get a greater “S” form

5. Needn’t be Steady


The S-curve within the body needn’t be a steady one. You’ll get a steady one if it’s a highway, rive, pathway, or rail. Generally, it won’t be a steady one. There might be single or a number of breaks in between. However, whenever you view the scene, you will notice the S form shaped by these parts which can be organized within the S form.

If you have a look at the above flat lay picture of the 2 plant stems, you possibly can see that there’s an invisible line connecting the 2 high ends of the stems. It completes the “S” form

6. Lengthy Publicity Mild trails with automobiles on the highway at evening

You’ll be able to apply this method if you find yourself taking pictures gentle trails of cars on the highway at evening. Select a highway or pathway that’s in S-shape on your picture.

If you do lengthy publicity for such a scene, you’re going to get a number of S traces made by the sunshine from the automobiles on the S-shaped observe. The sunshine streaks might be in shades of purple and orange.

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